We all have a perspective. This is a longer-form version of mine.

Me and my family (picture by author, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Summer 2018)

The basics (organized by time)

  • Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD (Montgomery Co., near Washington, DC)
  • Virginia Tech, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1992–1997

Yes, there is an abundance of free and low cost resources. However, as you are thinking about Data Science, you should be sure you are asking the right question.

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Left brain, meet your right brain.

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A list of common errors students make on graduate school applications (in Data Science, but probably elsewhere as well…)

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1. Thinking all applications are the same and throwing your application together last minute

This is not the most egregious error, but I see lots and lots obvious cut-and-paste errors. …

From a university faculty member with real-world work experience. Full time school is not for everyone.

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Office Hours

You’ve seen plenty of student’s takes. Here is what I think as a faculty member in Data Science.

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Jesse Blocher

Vanderbilt University. Assoc Prof of the Practice of Finance and Data Science, Dir of Grad Studies, M.S. in Data Science. Opinions are my own.

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